Pepper Gun 2.0 $59.99. Speed Unlike a traditional liquid pepper spray, a Salt Round travels at 320 feet per second, delivering the same kinetic energy as being hit by a 50mph fastball. Shop Mace, Stun Guns & Pepper Spray keychains to ensure you're protected on the go. “ little pepper spray bottles that can fit in most purses. If you are over the age of 18 and have not been convicted of a felony or an assault- we guarantee* any pepper spray, self defense, or security product listed on this page is legal to ship/use/carry in the state of … FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. A pepper spray gun is an effective, non-lethal alternative to a real firearm. $8.99. Skip to content + Mace is here for you. Mace Brand Sport Pepper Spray Guaranteed Legal in California. One of the best defense products available is the Byrna HD, a legal, non-lethal self-defense weapon that fires pepper filled rounds up to 60 feet using CO2. SABRE, I'd like to thank you for the best pepper spray ever. Press enter to go to selected search result. Find trusted pros, verified by Yelp - Reviews on Pepper Spray in Manhattan, NY - Esco Drug Company, Female Awareness Self Defense, New London Specialty Pharmacy, John Jovino Gun Shop, New York Police Shop, Thriftway Pharmacy NYC, CopsPlus, Caso's Gun-A-Rama, Inc, Double G Pharmacy, Lush Pepper Spray & Mace. Creekmore via Concealed Carry Laws. $14.95 $ 14. Here’s a list of the top 3 places to buy pepper (OC) spray on the internet: Great selection and a huge community of reviews to help you decide what’s the best pepper-spray for you. Part of its success comes down to a recent innovation in self-defense sprays: gel. Gel is Safer: pepper gel does not atomize like traditional pepper spray, meaning it virtually eliminates wind blowback and only affects the intended target, plus 20% greater range (12 ft. per 4M) for protection at a safer distance. SABRE Campus Safety Pepper Gel … Meets standards of TiTle 16 CA code of regulations section 643 for Security Training. Use our locator feature to find an instructor nearby. SABRE Stun Gun. A great way to feel safer in big cities and on college campuses, it sprays up to 10 feet to disable attackers and assailants. 95. $19.99. Free Shipping on orders over $50. Vexor Pepper Spray with Belt Clip for Self Defense — Maximum Police Strength, 20-foot range, Full Axis (360°) capability, Flip Top safety for Quick and Accurate Aim, Protection for Women and Men, 4.7 out of 5 stars 466. On-line 4 hour course certifies Security Guards are trained and proficiant in the use of O.C ,Tear Gas and Pepper Spray as perscribed in B&P code 7583.35 and PC 22835. Hot Pink Full Size Pepper Spray $15.99. Get yours online today and pick up in store. At the end of the class, you’ll be able to download and print out your permit to carry pepper spray… The California Penal Code states that all Security Officers are required to have training when carrying Pepper Spray, OC or Tear Gas, while on duty. Pepper Spray in Albany on Shipping is usually free for orders over $35. (Don’t worry, you do not get sprayed). It saved me and my dog two times this year. In the present market, Mace is actually just one brand of pepper (OC) spray — just like Kleenex is a type of tissue. These regulations govern the size of the pepper-spray canisters that can be sold, as well as the information that must be … Effectively discharge pepper spray to deal with hostile or aggressive assailants, Recognize and treat the symptoms associated with being sprayed, and; Decontaminate yourself and/or others after being sprayed. For safety purposes, no loaded firearms, ammunition or other weapons, including batons and OC pepper spray, are allowed in our classroom. It is a fine mist that is expelled into the air. Featuring a spray pattern with a range up to 35 feet, the Mace® Bear Pepper Spray allows you to safely enjoy the outdoors. If you live in Massachusetts and you want to buy pepper spray you are probably asking yourself: “Where can I buy pepper spray near me?” Massachusetts is one of the few states where mace or any type of defense spray cannot be sent to a consumer by mail which means you can’t buy it online.. Any type of defense spray is not to be sent via postal services other than an authorized dealer. — Janusz Podkoscielny. Protect yourself with top rated Pepper Spray & Self Defense Weapons. Business listings of Pepper Spray, Defense Pepper Spray manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Hyderabad, Telangana along with their contact details & address. Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, though there are some conditions in place in certain states… by M.D. I like the fact that I can also use this stun gun as a striking tool. (Flickr: Adam Cohn)Each of the states have different laws about pepper spray, but they (almost) all have the same effect Compare Compare Now. Pepper spray, also known as oleoresin capsicum spray or OC spray or capsaicin spray or capsicum spray, is a lachrymatory agent (a compound that irritates the eyes to cause a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness) used in policing, riot control, crowd control, and self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears. So really there is not much difference between Mace and pepper (OC) spray, since they both contain the same active chemical. Pepper spray is used as a non-lethal form of self-defense. We have developed the world's best pepper spray - which is a combined pepper spray, siren and LEDs that also texts your location and calls your emergency contacts. Designed to look like a handgun or pistol, it is small, portable, and simple-to-use. Many models to choose from. If you’ve ever wondered where to buy pepper spray for your personal protection and safety, look no further than this Pink Pepper Spray from Sabre. Police Pepper Spray $16.99. You may have also heard about m. Walking to your car at dusk feels a lot safer if you have some protection on your keychain or in a purse pocket. Vexor Pepper Spray with Belt Clip for Self Defense — Maximum Police Strength, 20-foot range, Full Axis (360°) capability, Flip Top safety for Quick and Accurate Aim, Protection for Women and Men, 4.7 out of 5 stars 467. Pepper spray is a non-lethal chemical compound that works by causing temporary blindness and is primarily used in self-defense (including animals) and for crowd or riot control. $14.95 #42. Dos Group Gas'm Keyring Pepper Spray - 25ML. Pepper spray is a great first line of self-defense. Parts are just part of what we do. I have found that Amazon usually has the best prices. Pepper Spray with Tear Gas and UV Marking Dye - Triple Action Police Pepper Spray $16.99. Shop for Mace Hot Pink Fliptop Hardcase Pepper Spray with confidence at Sort By Position Position Name Price Search Search Use up and down arrows to select available result. Pepper spray (also known as capsicum spray) is a lachrymal agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness) used in policing, riot control, crowd control, and self-defence. Use Code: GIVING20 . Good job Office Depot employees.” more Save lives without the risk of … New York has specific regulations and guidelines regarding selling, purchasing and carrying pepper spray. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Self Defense Instruction & Equipment in Albany, NY. Black Full Size Pepper Spray $15.99. The 6-second bursts release in a stream pattern to ward off bears and other predators. is the home of the world's best freedom accessories. 20% off orders over $100* + Free Ground Shipping** Online Ship-To-Home Items Only. Failure to comply with these rules WILL result in an immediate dismissal from the course with no refund. The Difference Between Mace vs Pepper Spray. Find a Personal Safety Instructor Near You and learn how to protect yourself today! Compare Compare Now. Keep going. Find here Pepper Spray, Defense Pepper Spray, Chilli Pepper Spray suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Pepper Spray prices for buying. More Info What our Customers are saying. Legal in most states, pepper spray delivers a stunning and powerful offense against would-be attackers. Gel-based sprays are a liquid-based option that’s heavier than traditional aerosol sprays. Get the Smart Pepper Spray at, today! Magnum 3 Pepper Gel $17.99. Pepper sprays, gels and pepper guns as well as stun guns are in stock and ready for . Pepper Spray & Gas Guns Protect yourself with, we sell a range of non-lethal self defense pepper sprays, grenades, pepper pistols & airguns. I feel much safer now that I have my Spike stun gun. The Sabre Red Pepper Gel spray (around $20) costs twice as much as Sabre’s cheaper sprays, but it’s still one of the most popular pepper sprays on the market. Find Mace® Brand products near you. Counter Assault Pepper Blitz - Pepper Spray in a Hard Case with Belt Clip. Price for course is … Please refrain from bringing them with you. Its inflammatory effects cause the eyes to close, taking away vision. If you’re looking for the threat of a handgun without the danger, a realistic pepper spray gun is a terrific substitute. A police officer holds a can of pepper spray at a protest in Seattle in 2016. Compare Compare Now. It could come in handy one day. Hot Pink Pocket Pepper Spray $14.99. I'll continue shopping here. I recommend going here. Mace Pepper Spray The Mace brand pepper spray is the most well known. This means your hit radius is wider however there is the possibility of the user being exposed to back spray. While it is likely to affect your attacker, you and others nearby are at risk of spray. $11.99. Pepper spray is one self-defense tool that is affordable and effective. This course covers the legal and moral aspects of using pepper spray and mace as well as effective techniques, user awareness, and the responsibilities a security officer must know when carrying and using pepper spray. When verbalization has failed, pepper spray is your next best option. IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT! FEATURES GAS'M Keyring Pepper Spray - 25ml Easily Accessible Lightweight Locking Mechanism To Prevent Accidental Discharge 3m Spray Distance Provided With Chain And Safety Clip Capsaicinoids 18% Proplylene Glycl Usp 13% Specialty Denatured Alcohol (Sda) 40b 28% Distilled H20 Please Note!!! He has received assurances from Walgreens that Pit Bull Defense Maximum Strength Pepper Spray was a “local buy” from just a handful of stores, and that it has been removed from store shelves. SABRE Runner Pepper Spray with Adjustable Hand Strap. Where to Buy Pepper Spray on the Internet. The powdered pepper spray and tear gas combination in each Salt Round has been proven safe and effective by the U.S. Military, Police and Federal Bureau of Prisons. Michelle Davis. It's always a pleasant experience for me. Pepper spray is as it sounds, a spray.
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