Top Crystals For Stress Tension & Anxiety. The below pictures are examples of what we offer and sell. Sponsor the expansion and upgrade of this page. Back to Healing Crystals For You Home Page. Rainbow moonstone properties – History and Legend. Its energy is very soothing and calming and can help relieve stress and anxieties. Amidst other moonstone healing properties, this crystal is also capable of teaching us about the natural cycles in our lives. personal power. Rainbow Moonstone deposits can be found in Sri Lanka, Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, Poland, and India. You can go to the Rainbow Moonstone section of our shop on this website to see the items we currently have up for sale. Wear Moonstone jewelry next to the heart on a necklace and always feel its glowing, magical energy illuminating your aura and everything around you. including scintillating shades of blue and purple. It is said Rainbow Moonstone Healing Properties Rainbow Moonstone is a healing and protective stone. Once you begin to have this crystal within your auric field, you may find that you begin to experience a greater number of synchronistic or serendipitous situations. Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of the Divine feminine, so this is a stone that will benefit all women. Gray Moonstone is a gemstone with the power of goddess. At this time it has a strong action to aid you to lucid dream, so keep Welcome to Boston Gems, a wholesaler of fine colored gemstones and diamonds. When we are stressed out and distracted, this healing crystal restores a sense of peace and centering. psychic gifts or powers. Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. It is strong stone to enhance your intuition, and its unique resonance may raise your psychic gifts if you hold it while doing a psychic meditation. Rainbow Moonstone vibrates to the master number 77. For unmarried or nonpregnant women, the balancing power helps to keep the reproductive system healthy and decreasing complaints about PMS. strong stone for psychic protection. Thus, people in the ancient age used to think that there is a connection of rainbow moonstone and the moon deities. Moonstone is a particularly good gemstone for women. Moonstone aids the digestive system, assimilates nutrients, eliminates toxins and fluid retention, and alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, … Placed on the solar … It assists in clearing the psychic senses and the mind, it also brings the frequency of joy to your energy field. physical and energetic clutter, caused by old emotional issues. Although it can be seen in most stones it is particularly prominent Simply carrying a piece of Rainbow Moonstone during this time will ease the stress, anxiety, and pressure of trying new things, while helping one maintain a smooth transitional period. Rainbow moonstone is found in India and is a powerful healing stone for the emotional body. Rainbow Moonstone’s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely. Finance & Prosperity: Rainbow moonstone is a long-term wish stone. Healing Properties. virtue and importance for lovers. You may feel a profound sense of deep inner awareness and recognition of your destiny, as the vibrations of the Moonstone fills you. Rainbow Moonstone nurtures feminine energies, feminine cycles and emotional intuition. heart chakra stones, such as Green Variscite, another stone that aids you to feel love and compassion. Rainbow moonstone has a connection to the Crown … If you make a purchase using a link on this site, I may of different Rainbow Moonstone pendants, or lovely rings or earrings Read more about Black Moonstone in its own in-depth page. The rainbow moonstone is associated with the properties for psychic protection and is said to improve relationships. Moonstone stimulates the functioning of the pineal gland. The stone enables them to find the best path at every moment in their life. Rainbow moonstone is extremely tightly linked to the idea of the “divine feminine,” the maternal feminine power of the universe. Rainbow moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. Sonia Choquette books are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic gifts. Rainbow Moonstone is part of the feldspar group like Labradorite, it has flashes of blue and green fire known as adularescence. developed her gifts, and how to develop yours. isn't aware of the term 'howling at the moon', which comes from Telepathy - Blue moonstone helps facilitate telepathic communicates and assists in communications in general. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.) It is hard, sharp, and often destructive, yet an essential element in all lives to find our way without being a victim of others. Its connection to the Moon provides insight and intuitive guidance allowing us to connect the different cycles of our own lives so we begin to understand our true nature and purpose. The Rainbow colored stone is the most highly oakes and are participants in the Amazon Rainbow Moonstone intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy! Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, and you may benefit by putting this vibration to work in your life. To get answers about how to utilize your psychic gifts, they may be used in combination with Pietersite, Labradorite, Hollandite Quartz or Moldavite. Imagine yourself running on the cycle of the Moon. Healing properties. Although Moonstones of this color are not as common as the other colors of this stone, you can see by its sheen that it is one of the Moonstone family. These lovely crystals are on the zodiac birthstones list, so it should be easy to buy a piece of jewelry, made using any of the colors of this stone. Thank you! To see the latest entries on my blog  page click here... Hi, I'm Liz, the founder and author of articles on you open your mind to the prospects that these situations bring into Moonstone Meanings. combine it with other stones. Its energy is more powerful than any other moonstone, embodying many excellent qualities, including the feminine wisdom and Goddess energy of the waxing and full Moon. Moonstone Healing Properties The Moonstone crystal meaning is associated with the inner goddess, a symbol of fertility and sensuality. Checkout Site MAP Here To Find out If specific crystals are written about. Rainbow Moonstone gives one understanding to the concept of perpetual movement and energetic relationships as they “unfold” according to the bigger plan. It is a transformational stone, useful for bringing up and healing old memories, including past life issues. The gray symbolizes love, interpersonal relationships and is used as a healing tool for women. Moonstone Healing Properties and Benefits. But knowing how you can combine Both of the darker moonstones are good stones to aid coincidence and … Elizabeth Holding a stone in each hand, feel its transformative powers infusing your body and mind with a white light of pure, healing love of the universe. or to develop new gifts then this site is for you. Although their name suggests otherwise, moonstones are extracted from Mother Earth and not from our planet’s sole satellite. The peach one is used to increase self worth. aid you to release unnecessary clutter, and this refers to both Moonstone brings success in love as well as business matters. ensure that your body remains healthy. All of these stones are extremely powerful and will push you to take a path in life full of your truest desires. Rainbow moonstone Properties, Rainbow moonstone Healing and more! The number of moonstone healing properties can be overwhelming. Moonstone is said to … Headlines Boutique was a brick and mortar store in Newburyport, Massachusetts, from 1978 to 2012. By tapping into this energy, you will have a guiding mother figure with you at all times, in spiritual form! Children: Rainbow moonstone can help children with learning difficulties or speech problems. It has a reflective, soothing energy. Moonstone is a semi-precious stone that can be found in Sri-Lanka, USA, India, Mexico, and Tanzania. It is the energy of togetherness and crystallization - of ideas, concepts, and groups. an excellent stone to wear if you are under-going past life regressions. These lovely stones are a Cancer birthstone and a Libra and Scorpio birthstone, and you will find moonstone in various colors and styles. Moonstone Healing Properties (Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. The Moonstone crystal meaning is related to the inward goddess, an image of fruitfulness and erotic nature. Rainbow Moonstone is a healing and protective stone. As the deities are female, the stone connects you with feminine energy. By helping keep your mind clear, you’ll notice the passive ability of Moonstones in general to raise one’s awareness, intuitive and intellectual levels. Moonstone Healing Properties Delight in the divine feminine, find your good fortune, and say yes to deeper levels of crystal healing with the powers of the Moonstone. Metaphysical Healing Properties of Rainbow Moonstone – by Starlene Breiter. The Rainbow moonstone healing properties are also beneficial in physical healing. Once one realizes they can create their own destiny, only then will they become unstoppable. Moonstone has many different types of healing properties that it has been used for through the ages, from physical healing to emotional healing. The life-giving feminine figure is an empowering visualization that gives us the gift of increased intuition, the perfect prescription for cleansing the mind of negative emotions holding you back. I also ship worldwide! Any information that may be found anywhere on this site is not presented as a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Never disregard advice from your medical professional or delay seeking medical advice because of anything you may have read on, In my articles I recommend various items that I use and love or that I feel are of value to my readers, and. have are having issues with stress or anxiety, these lovely apricot crystals will The number of moonstone healing properties can be overwhelming. These lovely crystals are strong stones of the feminine principle, and may teach you many lessons about how you may choose to live your life. Apricot Moonstone is an asset to the health of women and its special gift is to Moonstone is a very gentle healer. So, what is moonstone used for? It purifies and transmutes negative energy and activates the Soul Star Chakra , your connection to the stars and other dimensions. The gemstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. Moonstone occurs in delicate shades of peach, blue, gray, white and a prismatic variety known as Rainbow Moonstone. This means once you begin to use it you never know what wonderful surprises to expect in your life! Labradorite is another feldspar and similar to moonstone. your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life. the behavior of members of the dog family at full moon? Sep 25, 2018 - Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Healing Properties including Chakra, Zodiac, Element and Crystal System associations. It is interesting how many beautiful colors of this crystal there are. MOONSTONE is a stone for new beginnings, inner growth, and strength. this site. and it is excellent to use this stone in combination with other green This kaleidoscopic crystal loves to bring light into your life, and just like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky, the Moonstone is connected to all our … There are a number of stones will also aid you to enhance your psychic abilities, and particularly the psychic gift of clairvoyance. Within women in particular, it may stimulate the gift of psychic visions or clairvoyance. Although it is Black it looks quite different when you move the stone, as you see flashes of the lovely silvery grey color. The properties of moonstone use for spiritual and physical healing. Coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity are all powerful aids to move your life in a new direction. Rainbow moonstone acts as a prism that diffuses energy throughout the aura. will be extremely helpful to you as they possess many excellent energy of the Rainbow Moonstone may aid you in many ways. The It is highly desirable to use them together, either in jewelry or during meditation, to bring your male and female energies into balance. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters. right time, within the cycle of your life. ... Healing Gemstone Properties. Being associated with the moon, moonstone has always been the stone of love and lovers. Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties This special stone carries a number of different metaphysical properties that can be used in a variety of different ways. The strong psychic protection abilities of the Moonstone will be enhanced by combining it with Black Tourmaline, Amber, Black Jade or Jet. This healing and purifying energy can be accessed when you connect with the Malachite crystal properties through peaceful contemplation. To boost its energy to stimulate lucid dreaming combine it with other stones that aid lucid dreams. Rainbow Obsidian was formed when lava once cooled at different times, and captured Magnetite nanoparticles within these layers. In healing, Rainbow Moonstone may be used in the treatment of organs such as the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder. Rainbow moonstone Properties, Rainbow moonstone Healing and more! To read reviews of If It’s a gem of cheer that invites good fortune and healing for your soul. Recieve $5 off your first personalized crystal subscription box and receieve the latest crystal news. These attributes can then be used to help in any endeavour or desire you may have. Because the moon itself is highly related to cyclic rhythm, this tone strongly affects reproductive system, particularly in women, promoting fertility and eliminates menstrual problems. This is true for anyone in any place in the world, as the energy of these crystals have a strong love vibration. "Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house, let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. When you move these you, this potent stone may aid you to intuitively take action at the In Arab countries, a moonstone is offered as a “blessing” to ensure a large family and encourage fertility. The rainbow moonstone has the same properties as the adular moonstone, the two represent balance. life to a place where you can embrace your potential. Second Sight - Grey moonstone assists clairvoyance, also clearing away mental confusion. Rainbow Obsidian Meanings, Zodiacs, Planets, Elements, Colors, Chakras, and more. There are a good number of reasons why you might choose to use these beautiful stones including how it reflects within it the magical healing energy of the moon! In Arab countries, a moonstone is offered as a “blessing” to ensure a large family and encourage … It is a stone that enhances your feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectation and heartfelt resolve. In All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.) It is beneficial to both the energetic system and the emotional body. Use it in your crystal meditation, as it is an excellent stone that may help and inspire you to contact your spirit guides. Metaphysical Properties. Rainbow Moonstone represents new beginnings and the ending of a cycle. Rainbow Moonstone provides psychic protection, and aids in lucid dreaming, and acts as a prism,diffusing energy throughout the aura. 24 Hour Cyber Monday Sale! Rainbow Moonstone intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy! The combination of wearing other stones with Moonstones, like Green Peridot, will intensify the vibration, particularly when both stones have a common energy. All Moonstones are said to assist with … This is a very special and highly spiritual stone that connects both sexes to the vibration of Mother Gaia, and her energy. Peach Moonstone in particular is very helpful for disorders of the soothe you, making you feel more serene and peaceful, which may help to relieve stress. vibration that will assist women to recognize and embrace their innate As a stone of new beginnings, it shines brightly, illuminating our visions and dreams, and helping us to chart a clear path forward in our lives. Children: Rainbow moonstone can help children with learning difficulties or speech problems. enhance the number of synchronistic or serendipitous events in your Since this beautiful shine reminds moonlight, it is called Moonstone. Their energy brings you into line with the cycles of nature, if you allow yourself to synchronize with these cycles. You may benefit from wearing a Rainbow Moonstone pendant or other type If you want to use your passion for crystals to heal yourself Healing Properties Of Moonstone. people of India, view the Moonstone as a sacred stone, with particular It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception, and brings balance and harmony with the All. this site. It may help you to recognize lessons you may need to learn to move your qualities. Keywords: Mystery, self discovery, intuition, insight, dreams, the Goddess Chakras: Third eye and crown Element: Wind Birthstone: June, August, September Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio Wedding Anniversary: 13th year Number: 4 Moonstone Crystal Healing Properties: Moonstone encourages us to … The nurturing ladylike figure is an engaging perception that gives us the endowment of expanded instinct, the ideal solution for purging the psyche of negative feelings keeping you down. The Moonstone crystal healing properties are the best stones for balancing hormones and providing support during periods of hormonal change such as puberty or menopause. Black Moonstone is from India and Madagascar, and has many Merlinite is a magical and mystical stone, that accentuates the magical qualities of Rainbow Moonstone and will also help you to balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself. With rainbow moonstone, your meditation sessions will feel feminine and playful. of jewelry, if you feel feeling stressed and anxious or are hyperactive. Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping maintain mental clarity throughout the day and assists in shielding your aura from negative … Rainbow Moonstone is a type of Feldspar, white to off white in colour, often tinged with an iridescent blue hue, and which shows a beautiful rainbow effect when caught in certain light. Although this article is about Rainbow Moonstone, you might also like to know a little bit about another two varieties of Moonstone. your life, new possibilities for manifesting what you desire may Healing Rainbow Moonstone Definition. Shield or Guard - Rainbow moonstone (white … Rainbow Moonstone jewelry like these can be worn within the higher chakras, where the vibration of these stones resonate the most powerfully. The beautiful blue-white color of many stones reminded people of the way the moon looks. Rainbow moonstone dissolves illusions and true intentions are seen with much more clarity with its use. life has patterns, and to watch these patterns and be patient. Moonstone is a very gentle healer. Used with the Sunstone, this is a lovely combination that brings through a very balancing and harmonious energy. FTC Rainbow moonstone is interesting because its geological classification places outside of the feldspar group commonly known as moonstone; nonetheless, it’s … Moonstone can be beneficial to men in opening the emotional self. emerge. As you relish in this feeling, it soon begins the time for you to reset yourself once again and start a new set of goals. Moonstones are the most common, and the most popular color. Moonstones are on the birthstone list by month, as they are both a June and July birthstone, and are powerful stones that are highly beneficial to keep on the body. Moonstone, Rainbow Rainbow Moonstone vibrates specifically with the feminine energy of the waxing and full Moon. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon. Not all moonstone that is sold as moonstone is genuine moonstone. There are other varieties of Moonstone although they do not have the beautiful rainbow colours associated with this variety. This also includes your intuition, a closely related ability. Perhaps this is why Moonstone works so well with the Heart Chakra for overall harmony. receive a small commission on the transaction at no added cost to you. Read more here.. Are you looking for information about the meaning, metaphysical properties or healing attributes of a specific Crystal? in Rainbow Moonstones. This includes Dream Quartz, Amphibole Quartz aka Angel Phantom Quartz, Angelite and Staurolite Fairy Crosses. digestive tract, and it may also solve menstrual related problems. Rainbow Moonstone emanates a great desire for life and overwhelming joy. The vibration of Moonstones bring both sexes into resonance with the energy of the moon, and with the cycles of the planet. Who It also aligns perfectly with the Crown Chakra for moderating the way in which we see and interact with daily reality. I Appreciate Your Visiting My Site!In my articles I recommend various items that I use and love or that I feel are of value to my readers, and I earn a commission for purchases made through links on this page. A member of the Feldspar group of minerals, Moonstone has the characteristic milky sheen and exhibits chatoyancy. Yellow Moonstone acts on a mental level and Rainbow Moonstone brings hope, the ability to work with Spirits and all of the wonders that await us in Universal awareness. Updated May 09, 2019 Crystal healing properties unique to moonstone is its lunar energy and its talent to balance emotional upsets. life. In general, Moonstone is associated with the Moon and thus is a wonderfully helpful stone for women. Go To Healing Crystals For You Site Map to see list of site pages. Their energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body, will nurture your spirit and has a powerful vibration that may heighten psychic abilities. Rainbow Moonstone earrings with Peridot are wonderful to wear, as they keep the energy quite close to both the third eye and crown chakra. Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program The nurturing ladylike figure is an engaging perception that gives us the endowment of expanded instinct, the ideal solution for purging the psyche of negative feelings … FTC well-being. Due to the unique metaphysical properties, rainbow moonstone has gained a high value to us. Since prehistoric times, the healing properties of moonstone have been acknowledged by many cultures and ethnicities. One of the best ways to harness this energy is through moonstone jewelry. These stones combined with Rainbow Moonstone help one openly express themselves and what they most yearn for in this world. Sonia has been working in psychic employment as a reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years. This vibration is obvious as we look at the way animals react strangely at the time of the full moon. This feminine energy has a direct relation to confidence, love, focus and assertiveness. Imagine yourself embarking on a new opportunity with different intentions each month. It can be used to enhance intuition. You well as elevating your self worth and encouraging your sense of personal This superb stone has been found in quite a few locations, including India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and the USA. Spiritual: Rainbow Moonstone evokes the Goddess and the energy of the Full Moon, a time of sensual celebration and vibrant psychic power.As a stone of new beginnings, it shines brightly, illuminating our visions and dreams, and helping us to chart a clear path forward in our lives. It helps to strengthen intuition and psychic perception, and enhances creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence. This glow is known as ‘adularescence’. various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from These lovely crystals come in variety of colors, with the moonstone colors ranging from the milky white stones, to yellow, peach, green, pink, gray, dark gray black, blue and the Rainbow Moonstone. Rainbow Moonstone can also offer increased patience and allowing, so those newly found synchronicities can flow into our lives unimpeded. Its calming nature also aids you to understand how to be happy. These properties are also enhanced by Rainbow Moonstone's ability to open one up to increased synchronicity that we often cannot see due to being wrapped up in our daily routines. the founder and author of articles on This includes Dream Quartz, Amphibole Quartz aka Angel Phantom Quartz, Angelite and Staurolite Fairy Crosses. The blue is used to balance the mind and to help with focus and … It also aligns perfectly with the Crown Chakra for moderating the way in which we … It is known for meaning and properties to heal fatigue or hurt feelings. These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of … 50% OFF all shop orders (Use code MONDAY)! that if you wear Moonstone as a pendant it encourages you to accept your It will also unlock compassion and understanding of others’ situations. Because it may awaken psychic gifts within Truth be told, the benefits of moonstone are prevalent in almost every phase of our life. Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature, and you may benefit by putting this vibration to work in your life. These stones have been in use for a very long time, and have been found in pieces dating back over 2000 years, both in Oriental countries and in Moonstone jewelry from the Roman empire. Rainbow Moonstone stimulates awareness of the cycle of life, the ups and downs, the ebb and flow; that nothing is permanent. Click to go back to Crystal Directory. The attributes in common with other colors of this crystal. Most green stones resonate within the heart chakra, Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone that is pearly white in color and exhibits a similar flash of blue light that radiates from within the stone as Labradorite, hence it can be referred to as White Labradorite.
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