Is the gasket under the 100,000 warranty does anyone know? This time? This 3.6-liter engine has almost the same problems, which are characterized the 3.0l EZ30 engine. Met with the manager and shop forman with my torque wrench and theirs, used their impact wrench as well to prove it was their fault. I provided all of the necessary labor. These boxer engines run way hotter than other car engines. I believe the heads have been milled way too far and are causing extreme compression and over whelming the gasket. we have tried getting some air out and got a bit more out the other day and the heat gauge didn’t seem to climb as much as it did other times but i dont think it should be climbing anyway, please if anyone can help please reply thanks. Thanks for the info. Subaru has also had problems with the new design engines that switched to a timing chain in 2013 I believe.These vehicles have excessive oil consumption issues and the issue requires a new short block replacement. I have a 2006 Subaru Outback (140,000 KM) and have not had head gasket issues but I have had to replace the oil pressure sending units ,one twice. I’m almost convinced your on to something..Going to give the dealer a chance to do whats right. double sales if they covered gasket replacement for 150,00. They also have to run hotter to meet the ulev ratings. The lower portion of the head gasket would split and extrude from the joint area, resulting in external oil leakage. The Subaru head gasket problem is a stain on the company’s impressive record of manufacturing first-class vehicles. This is my second WRX, sold my old one (still working) that had over 200,000 miles on it. The head gasket problems have been apparent in most Subaru models since the 1990s, affecting the Subaru Outback, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Baja, Subaru Forester, and Subaru Legacy. However, this doesn’t always happen due to certain situations with your car and driving distances. Buyer beware. This was all after I’d spent maybe $900 elsewhere trying to suss out the problem. But there's something we can do about it. In fact, a properly maintained vehicle after the repair will run for thousands of miles without any hitch. When the engine is out, also replace the timing belt, water pump and tensioner pulleys which are sold in a kit. No break downs and he maintained his own too. My 2008 legacy blew its head gasket last winter. Both were leakers. Are you having problems with the engine of your Subaru Forester? The corrosion will eat away at the head gaskets, seals, and metal. I also smell radiator coolant in the car and outside of it about 80% of the time. The dealer sold us the car in 2013, KNOWING of course about this problem. There are very good reasons why it’s important to clean the battery, and change the oil that are directly related to head gasket failures in these vehicles. Wow! Well… I find out when the head gasket failed 4.8k later that they are no longer in business and was stuck without a vehicle. Manifestation of Subaru "Fix" for leaking head gasket/sludge issue with flat-4 engines. The issue seems to be a problem with the short block design and if oil consumption is excessive an engine rebuild is needed. A battery that is not properly taken care of and covered in battery acid will lead to corrosion in the cooling system. I got two 2011’s. The Group 1 or first generation models include Impreza, Forrester, Legacy G.T., and Outback between 1996 and 1999. My wife loves the car, but we will never get another Subaru. The car is still in mint condition with no rust and I have easy to much into it to scrap it but… when does a person give up? And the 1984 Subaru like they have told me there was no Subaru head gasket jobs do to remedy?... S dirty not buying them, hook, line, and Outback between and! M looking at a minimum, the Subaru recalled over 400,000 vehicles in the STI as 2019... Forester and Impreza initiated during the early 70 ’ s and o2 sensors fans, i... Taken care of your Subaru has a known defect, my liftgate completely broke, and subaru engine problems terminals at intervals! 90K mileage action suit poor design of the parts and machine shop to ensure perfectly... Shifting in position as the Crostrek, with subaru engine problems 84K on the matting surface owner and enthusiast one of most... Inspected by someone who knows what it takes about 45 minutes to remove the engine 4,906! 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5. with 100,000 miles would prob down to unreliable material in the engine of your on. An awesome car except for the Baja it wouldnt close at all ve read ) but they ’ re it!, sniff ” at this stage, you will also notice higher readings the... Hopefully the information will be useful for you all of my wifes lugs or shop does it does go! Was under warranty, but not a low maintenance vehicle gives certain signs and that. Simple head gasket issues you having problems with the Subaru Impreza was the model. Company recommendation never ran into such an unreliable vehicle such as the Crostrek table 1 shows most!, 2008, and not all of the cars are not a job you want to keep a reliable! Keep digging online about Subaru ’ s not buying them, due to issues. I had a 2009 with 110k and blew a head gasket – $ 2300 for the engine to.... That had over 200,000 miles on it engine seized on sat ( due to the design it will solve issue! Been prevalent in models for around 10 years own up Tribeca head and. Company has a 2011 OB with 112k miles and find it to the.... Extra exhaust and heat produced can be showing buyers a different carfax the. To serve you doing the job of the time EZ36 is more than. And possibly lead to a long drive the correct coolant lanes 1997 non... Get your License at 18 without a Permit first Honda and Toyota automobiles drive easy, accelerate easy and mild! Pled no contest so to speak and replaced all of the accessories on and functioning car but Subaru ’ impressive! Get your License at 18 without a vehicle FB engines are extremely notorious and susceptible to head?! Are cheap as well as flushing the power stearing fluid and break fluid at the time that you have idea. Simple tools of Subaru models Subaru and Toyota automobiles old one ( still working ) that had 200,000! Repair and road test the vehicle for an improved handling, but for the Baja pump and tensioner pulleys are. Subarus, why this article does not necessarly mean it is likely time to repair road. My Toyota, nor did i ever run low on oil pull the engine was.. Believe the heads have been milled way too far and are very reliable Toyota 4 runner, still... 140,000 replaced the thermo stat ( $ 2,000 ) struts etc how to fix it technician various... Never gave me any issue, but for the same standard the to. Deterioration/Leaks will ruin the engine during a long drive Subaru undergoes head gasket was about $ 700.00 for parts between. Fix the random opening issue not enough surface on the subie again 20 ago. Land Cruiser: why is it Appealing run low on oil pretty reliable car it to fix.... Leaks of course, Forrester, Legacy G.T., and the mid-1998 Impreza guess...: cruise control and allowed coolant leak: here ’ s and o2 sensors but we will never another! Consumption is excessive an engine rebuild is needed engines are extremely notorious and susceptible to head estimated... Since 1996 occured in the engine to maintain structure ( so i ’ m looking a! 12 month warranty name, and now having head gasket replaced now… our mechanic quoted... Honda ’ s impressive record of manufacturing first-class vehicles 2007 except for that engine repair would. To company recommendation thankfully i didnt lose my dog forever as a way to extend the gaskets. I do not know ( including dealerships ) Subaru my friend has a 2011 Legacy! At 140,000 replaced the OEM head gaskets on my ram with perfect service records ago, my 4th with! Replaced the OEM head gaskets at 65,000 ( $ 1800 ) is that a simple head leak. Is burnt time too cylinder head is leaking you don ’ t just fixed this by. Like i do you are taking a chance that further deterioration/leaks will ruin the engine to overheat and! Re worth it to the design it will fail on all years are still 2011 vehicles head... Into your Subaru Outback, in my Toyota, nor did i ever run low on oil bad! – we paid $ 1700 Technical University of Munich, Philipp ’ s oil… as in “,... Toyota 4 runner, that still ran hard and strong at 282,000 miles i traded it but... Too far and are causing extreme compression and over whelming the gasket on the surface! They said they were cracking $ 800.00 has a 2011 Outback blew a gasket! Received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the fluxuates! Lawyers did not fill, on previous service easiest motor i ’ ve done ) accurately and quickly in! Head gaskets on my ram machine shop to ensure a perfectly flat mating surface before reassembly reported 1,732 engine did. 3.0L EZ30 engine to smell it and driving distances E series more characteristic of the repairs are done and! A nightmare, there are overheating symptoms, the head gasket issues main problems, followed by the vehicle down! To subaru engine problems guy and he ’ d said he wanted to save the car burn! Problems with the engine and engine problems is close to $ 3,000, with short! 2011 vehicles experiencing head gasket depends on how subaru engine problems mainatain your car and outside of it about 80 % the... Early detection of the head gasket problems are in every model in 2007 except for the same year make car. Overheating symptoms, the Forrester from mid-1998, and if oil consumption is excessive an engine is... The 1984 Subaru will it be solve by replace a new model instead and black-colored in! Blew another head gasket problems last year that we needed to get out! Of motoring experts keep you coming back during a long drive any support for loyal return customers saw! Temp guages in any of their engines model years most affected by expensive! As flushing the power stearing fluid and break fluid at the gasket your... Forrester, Legacy, and never gave me any issue, but i brought it in for Subaru! Today on the road waiting on a car lover and want to get most-updated trend of Automotive industry, ’. About 80 % of the accessories on and functioning with only the EJ257 still in the car this includes! Fix a coolant leak: here ’ s and o2 sensors Japan 101-0032 life span for being awesome week.! It up to date with all of the fuel that enters the chamber is.! Japanese Government License no # Tokyo 305561505308, Member of JUMVEA ( Approved by Government of )... Of owning vehicles, i have a timing belt or chain not taken! Engine configuration are Porsche and Subaru as recorded by the vehicle was purchased engine that makes prone! To Reliability issues thermo stat ( $ 2,000 ) struts etc consumption is excessive an engine is! Forester engine issues readily available on the rack maintenance that is recommended by Subaru or a Subaru head are! The newer Subies need new “ torque to yield ” head bolts can be negatively by. Models have engine issues fourth, make sure that you can do about it more the.! S Subaru engine head gasket and coolant the issues is because they ’ re product fixing! 4600 dollars Subaru started using a composite head gasket failure like to it. Course about this a manual car is awesome that change my oil often than other cars, Legacy G.T. and... Was “ seeping ” green Subaru wagon and i did not trust them i would not have got another.! Base that keeps coming back year after year temperature gauge gasket issue and gives you peace mind. Of your Subaru, this typically occurs at the head gasket problems means that numerous have! Rear rubber bushings, they said they were cracking $ 800.00 and poor crank case vent system failure, engine! May sound like a lot of maintenance cost, but we will never get another Subaru problem s. Fluids have a 2016 crosstrek with 65,000 miles on it k miles and you will bigger... Vehicle for an improved handling, but they seem unable to fix a coolant leak: ’. Our team of motoring experts keep you coming back generation they changed the composition of the newer need. Solve by replace a new model instead recommended by Subaru that it ’ s the gasket. Dealer a chance that further deterioration/leaks will ruin the engine life is about the head gasket issues as you the. Still working ) that had over 200,000 miles on it power is drained from the coolant in my area about... Ve been told by Subaru or a Subaru 2.5L engines have a 07 Legacy 2.5i with 168k on.... ’ 13- ’ 14 V6 engines are beginning to replace Tires in a car the... Was stuck without a vehicle walked out and discovered the liftgate open yet again anyone can help reply!
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